A Tomb from Ptolomey II's Reign

 Mummy. BD9887

Mummy. BD9887

A team of researchers in Beni Sue, Egypt have unearthed a tomb dating back to the reign of Ptolemy the second (309–246 BC). This is the first early tomb found in Beni Suef, making it a pivotal discovery in our understanding of ancient Egypt and the reign of Ptolemy II. 

Current records report that Ptolemy II led the Alexandrian Court into a Golden Age, in which art and literature thrived. He erected the Great Mendes Stela of Egypt and beatified his region with  architecture advancements.  In politics, he opened diplomatic relations with India and was the first regent to admit Buddhist proselytizers into Egypt.

To read more about the excavation go to Ahramonline and to view more of ancient Egypt head to Science Source.  

 Raising of Obelisk in Ancient Egypt.  BX5818

Raising of Obelisk in Ancient Egypt. BX5818