Temple Painting

Noel Hidalgo Tan, an Australian National University Researcher has found a hidden mural in the Buddhist temple of Angkor Wat. The painting dates back 500 years and depicts the temple amidst a variety of deities, animals and vehicles. The scene illuminates many details about religious and domestic practices of the time, providing important context to daily life and pilgrimage in the ancient world .

At first glance, Tan believed the painting was  graffiti left by ancient visitors of the temple. But after further examination, he determined its creator had a much more permanent intention for it. For the full story on the mural head to sciencedaily and the see more Buddhist art go to the Science Source.

 Angkor Wat wall.  BP8369

Angkor Wat wall. BP8369

 Angkor Wat  BP2026

Angkor Wat BP2026