The Temple of Fortuna

An excavation in Rome unearthed what could be the oldest known Roman temple. Specialists believe the temple was dedicated to the goddess Fortuna and stood at the base of the harbor to ensure fair trade between Romans and foreigners. 

The excavation posed particular geological difficulties as much of the digging occurred beneath the waterline. Due to security reasons, they could only keep the excavation open for three days. Luckily in that time, archeologists learn much about the ancient world.

The earth strata revealed that Romans might have altered the landscape to provide their buildings with a suitable foundation. When faced with tall hills and deep valleys, specialist now believe, the romans literally moved earth to form a flat plane for construction. This debunks the classic image of Rome as a stable, unchanging metropolis. To read more on the excavation head to NPR and to see more of ancient Rome go to Science Source.