The Earliest Mountaineers

Two graduate students from the University of Maine, Orono unearthed evidence in the Andes Mountains that early Paleoindians explored high altitudes 1,000 years earlier than previously thought. After 5 years of digging anthologists, Kurt Rademaker and Gordon Bromley discovered hundreds of stone tools and projectiles in the Pucuncho Basin of the southern Peruvian Andres. These findings as well as rock art and vegetable remains suggest that Paleoindians camped in  mountains for hunting purposes some 12,800 years ago.

By ascending to higher altitudes, Bromley and Rademaker believe early humans acquired a strategic vantage point on lower regions. This allowed them to observe large swathes of land and take their prey by surprise.

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 Peruvian Andes  BQ1353

Peruvian Andes BQ1353

 paleo Indian hunters  BA1021

paleo Indian hunters BA1021