A Brewer's Tomb

An archaeological team headed by Jiro Kondo of Waseda university unearthed the tomb of an Egyptian brewer named Khonso Em Heb.  The tomb was found yesterday, while Kondo and his fellow archeologists were sweeping another tomb in the necropolis of Luxor.

Alcohol in ancient Egypt was not just used for consumption but also in fermented offerings to the gods. This makes the discovery of Khonso Em Heb's tomb of vital importance in understanding Egyptian religious practices as well as the civilization's culture in general. To read more go to CNN and to view more tombs and hieroglyphics head to ScienceSource. 

 Eye of Horus.  6C9286.

Eye of Horus. 6C9286.

 Papyrus of Ani depicting the "weighing of souls."  BX5793.

Papyrus of Ani depicting the "weighing of souls." BX5793.